The INKreadables, episode 1

We’re very proud to announce the first episode of our new, bi-weekly podcast, INKreadables. A show in which hosts Damian Jay Clay and Jasmine Arch will be discussing anything and everything about writing.

Every two weeks, they’ll have a guest over to discuss a writing article, what it taught them and how they feel about the subject. Of course there’s always time for a wee bit of small talk and a few laughs.

Our very first guest is INKling @negativer, who joins us for a chat about a fantastic blog post we both found really interesting and useful: How to be a Writer in this Fucked-Ass Age of Rot and Resistance by bestselling author, Chuck Wendig.

He writes novels as well as books about writing, and has also worked in various other formats such as games, film and television.

Drawn from his hilariously profane blog – a mixture of everything, from parenthood to writing, from pop culture to photography – the article talks about different motivations for writing.

We couldn’t think of a better way to kick off our podcast.

So see you there!


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