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Our primary home is our server on Discord. Here is a quick guide to the channels available to our Associate Members. If you reach voting member status, more rooms will appear or be available for commenting.


#ink-lobby: The server lobby, where new joins can say hello, ask questions, and have a guide help you find your way on the server.

#announcements: The place to find the rules, our charter, and import information and messages from the board. Members are expected to stay on top of information provided in this channel. We won’t spam our members with @everyone tags, so watch for the room to get highlighted.

General Inkings

  • #general: The primary place to hang out and chat. As long as you follow the rules, we’re quite flexible about topic here. Get to know each other and relax.
  • #mediadump: The place to stick images and links you want to share with your friends on the server.
  • #role-requests: Request a special role assignment that lets you choose your own color. Find details in the channel. Your request gets deleted when it is applied.

Voice Channels

  • #voice-text-chatThe text channel to go with any voice channel currently in use.
  • #bot-commands: Want to play with the bots? This is the place to do so. Especially for playing with the music bot.
  • general: The voice equivalent of #general
  • workshops: The voice channel for planned and impromptu workshopping sessions, such as Chicago Workshops or voice sessions related to the inkubator.
  • music: We have a bot that plays music. You can hang out here and listen with friends or use it as background while you write.
  • gaming: Taking a break from writing to do some gaming with friends? Chat together while you game here.
  • live streams: This channel will be used for programs that are being recorded. Make sure you are comfortable being part of whatever recording is taking place before you join in here.

Writing General

  • #writing-chat: Casual chatter about writing, writing tools, and tricks and tips. Also the place to go to brainstorm a story idea or see if people think something will work. Can also be used in conjunction with #excerpts if needed.
  • #worldbuilding: Need help figuring out some aspect of the world building in your story? Want to talk through ideas with like-minded souls or see if reader impact is what you hope? This channel also offers some challenges to help push you along the way if you need them.


  • #inkubator: Guided practice to improve your skills as a writer. Participate in any exercise, current or older, on the schedule that suits you. Feel free to pick and choose and only participate when it appeals. At present, this will focus primarily on fiction, with some poetry exercises mixed in.
  • #ink-review: The channel to use to ask for feedback on your writing made in conjunction with an INKubator exercise. Be sure to follow the requested format in the pins. Also remember to review at least two others when asking for feedback. We become better writers when we learn to self-edit better by seeing our own weaknesses reflected in the work of others.

Writing Activities

  • #renga: Collaborative poetry based on a Japanese form. See the pins for details and rules, please, before making any comments.
  • #habitica: Habitica is an online tool for gamifying your goals and tasks. We use it to help us stay on track writing and offer challenges to each other. This channel is for talking about how we use it, helping each other, and just bragging on the fun game rewards, like what mount we’ve just raised for our character.
  • #wip-it: Whip your work in progress into shape by setting a monthly writing goal and dividing it into manageable, bite-sized pieces.
  • #sprints: Sprinting is a challenge to turn off your internal editor and just get the words out for a set amount of time. This channel is home to Sprinto, our sprinting bot. Sprint on your own or race and challenge your friends to get more words out.
  • #excerpts: Share an excerpt of your work. Sharing here is not so much for feedback purposes, but so we can encourage each other to keep going. Also used when an excerpt can help with brainstorming or other discussion in #writing-chat, etc..

Live Review

  • #textedit: For live editing microfiction and micropoems. Can also be used for live editing short passages out of longer works when need presents. 
  • #chicago-planning: The planning channel for discussing, requesting, and planning Chicago workshops, impromptu or scheduled. The actual discussion will use the Workshop voice channel and #voice-text-chat for the companion.
  • #chicago-review: The drop-link channel for putting your piece into the queue for an upcoming Chicago. See the pins for directions.

Peer Review

  • #review-request: Ask your peers to provide feedback on your writing by putting the link to an appropriately formatted Google doc with commenting enabled in this channel. Be sure to check the pins and follow the directions for laying out your request. Also remember to provide feedback to others so the workshop can keep functioning.
  • #workshop-discussion: The place to talk about feedback on your writing or to offer one of your peers to discuss theirs. Sometimes it helps to have a “live” discussion and exchange ideas and ask questions about what someone means and why.


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