INKsightful, INKouraging, RidINKulous #3

INKsightful, INKouraging, RidINKulous is a series of babbles from our members on writing, advice, or general whimsy. All of which are randomly said in our Discord server during the various conversations that take place.



The words of editorial feedback can be overwhelming:

Anike Kirsten (@anikekirsten): “By the way, I absolutely love the way you use juxtaposition!”

R. Jean Bell (@bex-dk): “I don’t even remember what that means.”

Luckily the skills don’t mandate you know their names.


INKouraging words from Peter Philleo (@negativer):

“Goes to show, that even ‘good’ stuff is subject to the whims of the passage of time, and more critical readers.”




R. Jean Bell (@bex-dk) on repeating words within a draft, called ‘echoes’:

“Echoes are sneaky little buggers. They tend to hide.”


R. Jean Bell (@bex-dk) on inspiration and dreams in a discussion of some of the strange machinations produced from the subconscious:

“Great stories come from weird dreams.”


From a DM (direct message) between R. Jean Bell (@bex-dk) telling Andrew J. Savage (@thinknzombie) what to remind himself of regarding first draft doubts:

“This is a first draft. I have a great team of editors. I am giving them words. We will work magic together.”




Sometimes, things can be taken out of context very well and make it sound like something else entirely. One such case is that of the words of Peter Philleo (@negativer) during a discussion of the bots on our Discord server.


In the context of discussing hugs amongst Peter Philleo (@negativer), Anike Kirsten (@anikekirsten), R. Jean Bell (@bex-dk), and Constance Watson (@therosepatch), things go astray pretty quickly…


INKubator is an international community and, as such, we have writers spanning various time zones. This can make for some interesting RidINKulousness like this discussion between A.L Heath (@alheath), Rowena Harding-Smith, and Jasmine Arch (@jasminearch).


Writer’s Life: Jasmine Arch (@jasminearch) on preparing her story to submit to a mainstream market:

“I’ll just do a quick checkover to see if my manuscript is formatted right…” starts editing again


When discussing the nuances of an egg, of which anything in biology and beyond count as potential world-building, and conversation derails and changes like the wind, we get this little gem from John King (@johnkingwriter), Adwin Driscoll, Jasmine Arch (@jasminearch), and R. Jean Bell (@bex-dk) [who was having a completely different discussion and bombed the comic].



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