INKsightful, INKouraging, RidINKulous #1

INKsightful, INKouraging, RidINKulous is a series of babbles from our members on writing, advice, or general whimsy. All of which are randomly said in our Discord server during the various conversations that take place.

Anike Kirsten said “just keep subbing, just keep subbing, just keep subbing, subbing, subbing” but Peter Philleo¬†recommends replacing some Us with Os.


From Jeremy Mifsud:

“Draft poems are like sponges. You squeeze them hard until water leaves the body, and lets it be undiluted and rich. Perhaps not the perfect analogy, but you get what I mean.”


Constance Watson suggests:

“sometimes you can’t write the opener the way it’s meant to be till you have the full story written. Just write the story. I’ll often leave myself notes along the way of something I know needs help (i.e. flesh out more, add more emotion, fix opener, etc) so that I’m free to just write it.”


R. Jean Bell on dialogue tags and action beats:

“Dialogue tags have been a point of discussion lately. Modern writing theory recommends limiting them in preference to beats and to use only basic tags, like said, when needed. Beats add depth to characters, especially non-POV characters, and can give the reader a hint of that character’s thoughts and emotions through body language and action.”


Zombie words of insight from A.J Savage:

“What I’m railing against is that we tend to tell people to remove dialogue tags which is good advice to a point. But the kneejerk reaction is to replace all dialogue tags with short beats. The trouble is that those short beats lack description and are surrogates for a dialogue tag that would have been all but invisible. Suddenly you end up with an annoying beat where once was a relatively reader-friendly tag.”


Followed by wisdom from Rowena:

“I think by strongly suggesting the removal of dialogue tags you sometimes risk losing the authorial voice in writers who are not confident enough to disagree with edit suggestions.”


And a writing tip from R. Jean Bell:

“Be careful of wrong word errors. Don’t be the writer who says “He smelled fowl.” Unless you really mean the man was able to smell poultry or other birds!”


From Adwin Driscoll:

“I was thinking about ejaculating in their faces with expletives. In case anyone wonders: ejaculate verb (SAY) ‚Äč [ T ] old-fashioned or humorous to shout or say something suddenly: [ + speech ] “You’ve got my umbrella!” he ejaculated.”


A chat between Peter Philleo and Anike Kirsten on how she sounds:


Writer’s life, featuring Jasmine Arch, Peter Philleo, and Anike Kirsten:


From a discussion between Jasmine Arch and Adwin Driscoll about a review:

“The reviewer is pretty much beating a dead horse with the corpse of a smaller dead horse.”


On books, a chat between Jeremy Mifsud and Rowena:




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