INKsightful, INKcouraging, RidINKulous #2


INKsightful, INKouraging, RidINKulous is a series of babbles from our members on writing, advice, or general whimsy. All of which are randomly said in our Discord server during the various conversations that take place.


Jeremy Mifsud (@poetrybyjeremy) said this:

“cause why not have fun? life isn’t just about writing :3”

So we promptly destroyed him in literary effigy


Jasmine Arch (@jasminearch) on a personalized rejection:

“w00t. They liked my badass assasin, even though they didn’t accept it. Rejection never tasted this sweet!”


Andrew J. Savage (@thinknzombie) on the frustrations of the short form:

“Apparently I can’t just write stories anymore. Everything’s a novel. This comment is incomplete. Even it wants to be a novel.”


Jasmine Arch (@jasminearch) on Andrew J. Savage’s (@thinknzombie) story struggles:

“Women don’t belong in corsets. Neither do stories.”



Constance Watson (@therosepatch) on critting and writing:

“Goes to show how critting can inspire your own stuff.”

In a discussion on how Peter Philleo (@negativer) gave her the idea she needed for a story. To which he replied:

“My writing life has finally served a purpose.”


R. Jean Bell (@bex-dk) said this about spilling words:

“Sometimes you need to write the stuff that’s in your head, even if you’re sure it’s useless, to get it out of the way for what you do want to work on.”


R. Jean Bell (@bex-dk) on inspiration:

“Great stories come from weird dreams.”



On some silly randomness between Jasmine Arch (@jasminearch), Jeremy Mifsud (@poetrybyjeremy), and @idenkcall. What is it with writers and cats?


Writer’s life:

that moment when critting stories results in people trying to shove both hands in their mouths, or at least all their fingers, and reporting back on how possible it is for Peter Philleo (@negativer)


Rowena Harding-Smith on finishing a novel draft:

“It gets complicated towards the end. All the characters racing off doing their own things. I’m going to miss them. Most. Not the lethal ones.”


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