INKreadables, Episode 2

Hosts Damian Jay Clay and Jasmine Arc have managed to lure another victim, @Aksounder, onto INKreadables to discuss all things writing-related.

Jasmine got to pick last week’s article, a blog post by Chuck Wendig. This time, we discussed one of Damian’s favourite pieces: an essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson, called Self-reliance.

While not strictly a writing article, the essay is certainly worth the time it takes to read and contemplate. All of it absolutely applies to writing as well as every other aspect of life.

After all, recording and documenting life is part of our job as a writer, isn’t it?

It goes without saying that we found the time for some small talk and fun as well.

Come over and join the dark side. We have books!

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  1. R. Jean Bell

    When I listened to this, I was feeling a bit down about a few rejections that had come through right on top of each other. But this podcast helped make me feel less awful about them. Thank you so much.

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