Mission Statement

#INK-ubator Charter, Bylaws and Community Rules

Version 1.0.2

Change History:

Version 1.0 as of July 9, 2018

Version 1.0.1 as of August 1, 2018

Version 1.0.2 as of May 3, 2019

Version 2.0 as of September 4, 2020

Mission Statement

To foster an inclusive community of writers of all skill levels that encourages learning, growth, and the achievement of individual and community goals.

We believe that growing as writers requires a combination of skill practice and development, editing and review input from others, and mastering the ability to put words on paper. We respect, however, that everyone has their own path and that not every method works for everyone. The goal is to create an environment that encourages creativity, growth, and exploration of methods and styles of growth.


Community Rules

No personal attacks of any kind.

Bigotry of any kind will not be tolerated. 

If you come into contact with a problem user, do not retaliate. Instead, bring the situation to the attention of a mod or admin.  If you do not know who these people are, feel free to ping @moderator or @admin.

All photos, videos, links, music, etc., are banned from #general and should be posted to the #mediadump room. Links relevant to writing should be posted to the #resources room and accompanied by the form which can be found on the pin.

We do not allow spamming or self-promotion on the server. Only work produced by members can be DMd to an admin, accompanied by the form which can be found on the pin in the #Hall of Fame. Admins will then decide if that work can be posted. 

With the exception of written work that is being submitted for critique, all NSFW chat, work and material have to be kept inside the NSFW rooms. If you choose to contribute to the 18+ rooms we expect you to act like you are 18+.

Advertising other servers in any room of INKubator is not allowed without prior approval from the admins.

Sending unsolicited or harassing DMs to our members is not acceptable and may result in a ban from this server.

Respect for intellectual property is a fundamental principle of this server. Many of the works shared here are works in progress. Do not share screenshots, excerpts of work, snippets of conversation about these works, or anything else, without permission of the owner of the works. Violation of this principle may result in disciplinary action, such as and up to kicking or banning you from our community.

Be excellent to each other.


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