About Us

INK-ubator aspires to be a safe and inclusive home for writers of all skill levels and backgrounds. As a community, we celebrate our diversity and work to help each other improve our skills as both writers and editors and to encourage each other in our efforts.

We believe that growing as writers requires a combination of skill practice and development, editing and review input from others, and mastering the ability to put words on paper. We respect, however, that everyone has their own path and that not every method works for everyone. The goal is to create an environment that encourages creativity, growth, and exploration of methods and styles of growth.

Our Mission

To foster a safe, inclusive and diverse community of writers of all skill levels that encourages learning, growth, and the achievement of individual and community goals.

Our Charter

To make sure it is clear to everyone how our community works, we have created a charter. You can review it here to be sure you are comfortable with how our community is governed.

Our Home

Our primary location is our Discord Server. If you’re interested in seeing if INKubator is the right writing group for you, please contact us and we’ll send you an invitation to the server.

You can also check out this map of our server and see what kind of channels we have available.

If you’ve never used Discord and you’re nervous, check out this video we found on YouTube, which gives a great beginner introduction.