A Siege in Shallow Waters: A Collaborative Poem

Renga is a form of collaborative poetry that originated in Japan. Here at the INKubator, it’s a daily, ongoing event for the entire community.

This is the first renga we’ve written as a group. We started this right after we opened our doors and it came together well.

So prepare yourself for a trip on the high seas!


A Siege in Shallow Waters

Sails snap in the breeze.
Moor lines are released.
Unknown shores await.

Without compass, stars or skill
a journey starts for this world’s end.

Gulls squawk in their wake
then circle above
as the shore falls from sight.

Mist hovers over the sea
clouding visions of wealth.

The ship’s boy
swings from the crows nest
a hairless, tanned monkey.

He shouts at the grey outcrop ahead.
“Land ahoy!”

Drawing closer, smoke rises.
Pools of glowing orange
steam amidst the rock.

The first mate yanks at the helm,
fighting the pull of the tide.

From a cave among the rocks
glides a longboat.
Pirate knives gleam through misty spray.

Hungry eyes greet the ship,
accompanied by cackles and grunts.

Metal scrapes against leather
as one by one
the adventurers draw their swords.

The pirates board the ship with bloodlust
where sword meets flesh and axe meets bone.

The captain hands
the boy a key.
“Release the beast.”

Tentacles emerge from between the bars.
Eyes glow red in the blackness.

Chains rattle in trembling hands
that struggle to turn the key.
Will the kraken recognise friend from foe?

The monster slithers into the sea and pulls
the ship towards dangers new.












Title Image: CC0 – pixabay – noupload

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