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Prospecting for Stories: An INKterview with Five First Readers from Apex Magazine

Apex Magazine is currently fundraising to come back from their hiatus. Before the break, they’d been a professional magazine publishing a wide range of award-winning speculative fiction. In an amazing outpouring of support from readers, they achieved their initial funding goal to cover the first two issues of the magazine. …

They Did the Mash, The Genre Mash: An INKterview with the Editors of Hybrid Fiction

Sometimes, a girl has to just walk up to someone and start talking to them. I have never had problems with that. Drop me in a room full of strangers, and I’ll have made a friend within the hour. If there’s a bar, I’ve probably also been offered at least …

Kickstarting Invisible Threads: A Chat with Jason Sizemore and Lesley Conner

Bex: INKLINGS! PEOPLE! EVERYONE! You gotta see this. Jaz: See what, Bex? Bex: Apex! Apex! Jaz: Apex? What’s up with Apex? Bex: WORDS! NEW WORDS! Jaz: New words. Well, we’re a writing community. We have new words all the time, don’t we? Bex: Yeah, but… bounces off the walls… They’re …

Wisdom and Insight: A Look into the Mind of Tim Pratt; Writer, Poet, and Editor of Locus Magazine

The other day I was discussing my budding writing career with a friend when she suggested I talk to one of her writer friends. insert eye roll here We all have those friends who know “writers.” Right? Except my friend tends to know really cool people… Imagine my surprise when …


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